joseph stiglitz explains financial crisis, trade deficits, reserves, institutions, liberalization, globalization, subsidies and democracy

joseph stiglitz is a columbia university professor. he was chief economist and senior vp of the world bank from 1997-2000 and became a nobel laureate in economics in 2001. you may have heard of him recently for his book the 3 trillion dollar war: the true cost of the iraq conflict. it is the clarity of his explanation of global financial crisises which lends him a spot here at in the following videos, you will navigate with him the dark meanders of the world economy and hopefully come to the same conclusion as i: a democratic overhaul of the world financial institutions is imperative.

here is part I (note that the video is in english with french subtitles):

links to:
global financial crisis (3:59)
the huge american trade deficit (9:00)
global financial reserves (7:00)
global financial institutions (17:09)
the liberalization of capitalized markets (8:01)
deficits (3:27)
the failure of globalization (2:33)
subsidies (4:18)
the democratic deficit (7:27)

once again i owe this one to the diligent research powers of my sister based in versailles, france. the videos were posted on dailymotion in the channel which presents videos from the french economy magazine.

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