calculate your carbon footprint

Thanks to the good people from the GOOD side of life, I came across this fantastic carbon footprint calculator which goes well in depth without overburdening you with complex calculation. Compare your environmental impact with other citizens of the world. How will you fare?

Go visit to calculate your CO2 footprint

the ader zero carbon footprint plane

the ader zero carbon footprint plane

PS: Saul Griffith (president of set my clocks straight with calculating that 1/2 of the CO2 toll I take on the planet comes from my frequent flyer program. Notoriously though, I make up for dioxyde with my hilarious sense of humour…

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  1. you keep getting it wrong! the correct quote was “mediocre.” don’t tell too many jokes; we don’t need any more hot air!

    p.s. i haven’t looked at this site in ages and was really impressed at the air traffic video when somebody at school sent it the other day. you’re so avant-garde.

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