2009.10 lee anne backpacks with jess and victor through the jungles of suriname

and off we go to another little excursion in south america. this one is called suriname and lee anne is accompanying us.



Canoeing up the Kabalebo river

The water levels are unusually low for this time of the year in Suriname and the boatsman has to be very careful not to damage his tree dugout canoe.

Hiking up to Misty Mountain in Kabalebo

Hiking up to a lookout point called Misty Mountain in Kabalebo, deep in the Surinamese jungle. Jess and Lee Anne are doing swell but sweaty. The temperatures in Suriname are epic of course. You can hear the manual focus of my Canon Rebel T1 as I am filming in HD.

Landing in Paramaribo in a very small plane

Lee Anne is copilot as we are landing in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. This is coming back from Cabalebo in the heart of the jungle. The airport is the small local airport of Zorg En Hoop.

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